Shaun Fairweather

Shaun Fairweather is proud to be one of the few butchers nationwide to carry the emblem of Coeliac UK (a leading charity working for people with coeliac disease and dermatitus herpetiformis or DH)

To keep our prices down we rely on our customers kindly donating gluten free flour, such as Juvela. For every box you give us when making a purchase we will give you one of our delicious pies for free!! (maximum 3 pies) Below is a list of Gluten Free products currently available:

Thin pork sausage
Thick pork sausage
Pork and Tomato sausage
Pork and Chive sausage
Pork, Garlic and Herb sausage
Pork and Apple sausage
Beef sausage
(All our gluten free sausages are vacume packed in 450gms / 500gms packs)
Chilli Beef Burgers 170gms (6oz) - Pack of 3
Beef Burgers 115gms (4oz) - Pack of 4
Chicken Burgers 115gms (4oz) - Pack of 4
Pork Pies - pack of 4
Mince Beef and Onion Pies - pack of 4
Family Shepherds Pie
Homemade Meat Paste (Granddads Recipe)
Homemade Gravy
Shredded beef suet